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Return of the Geek

26 December 2007 No Comment

Hi Guys,

For the past 4 or 5 days, I was stuck at home. Coz, I am having symtoms of chicken pox with a few spots all over my body. Doc told me that if i get fever, I am screwed for 2 weeks and gave me tablets for avoiding fever. And I have successfully avoided fever now.

Apart from the sad story, I have a good news. After nearly 2 years, the “Geek” in me was born again. I leart how to do firefox extension and have created an extension called “Coffee With Sundar Toolbar”.. It has some basic features

1. Link to my blog.
2. A search box for searching this blog.
3. Share over Coffee! button for sharing an interesting url with your friends via gmail.

Anyways, the toolbar is at the top of this blog. Go ahead and install it. I will give you a detailed step by step help page for installation in a separate blogpot.

You will find these in my blog: Coffee, Fun, Carnatic Music, Mridangam, Google, Random thoughts, Business ideas, Start ups, Videos, Blogposts, Cricket, India, Philosophy, Real life Experience.. The list goes on…..



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