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Sandeep Das – IIM Bangalore Alumni and Author, “Yours Sarcastically”

18 August 2012 5 Comments

Dear Readers,

Today we have Sandeep Das as host on Coffee With Sundar. Sandeep is a very good friend of mine from IIM Bangalore and has authored the book – “Yours Sarcastically”. The book is already making waves – both online and offline. While running the marathon of daily routines can be taxing, Sandeep shows that one can get above that chase one’s dream. Sandeep Das is a role model for Indian Youth.

Me: Sundar Rajan G S
SD: Sandeep Das – Author, “Yours Sarcastically”

Me: From being an engineer to MBA from IIM Bangalore to an author.. How did this journey come about.. Can you please speak about yourself, your family background, childhood days and touch upon your academic journey…

SD: am a Bengali and have done most of my school and college education from Bangalore. I have done my MBA from IIM Bangalore and am currently working as a management consultant for Accenture. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have had a pretty good
academic record.

As part of my work, I have stayed in Bombay, Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, Calcutta and Chandigarh over the last 3 years. I have also had mini-stints along the India-Nepal border and the India-China border. In my free time, I like to travel, read, debate and

Me: When did you decide to become an author? What was the inspiration? When you were a child, did you dream of writing a book?

SD: My manager called me to his office one day and said, “Your job is to interview 60 size zero South Bombay women over the next few days. Take them out for dinner if you think they are not opening up adequately during your interviews.” Post that assignment, I was quite sure that I wouldn’t get a better forum to generate content for a book.

Me: Can you please speak about the central theme of the book and how the book is organized? What was the inspiration for the book?

SD: “Yours Sarcastically” is a sarcastic take on the lives of 20 something people in modern India. It is his saucy journey from post graduate education to his experiences in selling mustard hair oil, his marketing stints and his rich experience during his international management consulting experience along the Indo-Nepal border. Like I said, the inspiration to the book was the job description of interviewing 60 Size Zero South Bombay women.

Me: Can you speak about one or two briefs from the book to give a taste of the book to the audience?

SD: The book should be read for the sheer type of experiences that have been mentioned.

Some of the protagonist’s experiences are: – interviewing 60 size zero South Bombay women, negotiating with the right hand man of an underworld don, managing drunken brand managers at corporate off-sites, the extensive preparation done by sales people for ‘surprise’ visits by their bosses, and the hiring of cheerleaders by a premier consulting firm to turn around their client’s fortunes.

While free, the protagonist likes to write movie scripts for C grade movies, transform behenjis to blockbuster babes, visit top brothels in Mumbai and indulge in politics and backbiting.

Me: Well, looks like some interesting experiences to be read 🙂
What would you say is the most challenging aspect to be a writer? What are the joys and anxieties you faced as a first time author?

SD: It is tough to be an aspiring first time writer in India. Most aspiring writers believe that writing the book is the tough part. Nothing could be further away from the truth as it is the part after finishing the book that is the toughest part. No matter how good a person’s work is, he will have to face rejections from multiple publishers and it takes a lot of time before someone’s work sees the light of day. It is important to be patient and continuously try to improve one’s own quality of work without expecting immediate returns.

Me: How did you go about publishing the book? Describe the writing and editing process for us.

SD: I had gone about the publishing process as everyone does – preparing a first draft, incorporating feedback from friends and continuously revising it. My literary agent helped me a lot with putting me in touch with the right people at publishing companies.

Me: Are you working on any other books at the moment? What are your future plans as a writer.

SD: I am not working on any other book at the moment but I am working on multiple columns at this point of time. I have always wanted to enter Television and make a career along lines of Harsha Bhogle or Derek ‘O’ Brian. I have hosted a lot of stage events at IIM Bangalore, at my engineering college and at Accenture. I am looking forward to starting off my stint as a quiz master, event host at B-Schools and as a corporate trainer.

Me: There are so many out there, who want to put their ideas into writing.. But they just dont manage to do so.. hoping for the right moment.. What is your message for first time authors?

SD: It is not easy to be a first time author. It is an eventful journey from penning your thoughts to getting your first draft ready and chasing publishers after that. Writing is about discipline – taking time out every day and writing a bit.

While writing, it is important to take care of hygiene elements like script coherence, flawless narration and grammatical correctness. However, the most important quality is to be patient for a first time writer.

Me: Anything else you would like to share with readers?

SD: The only thing I would like to tell our readers about “Yours Sarcastically” is that the book will take them through a laugh riot and I am quite sure that they will find it to be a masala filled and a highly entertaining read!

Me: Are you interested in speaking to the readers of Coffee With Sundar? If so, how can interested parties contact you?

SD: I would be delighted to interact with the readers of Coffee with Sundar. Interested readers can contact me at sandeepdas99@gmail.com. If possible, let us do a live chat.

Me: Sandeep, Absolutely. Thanks a lot for your time and all the best for your future endeavours.

Readers, hope you enjoyed this edition of Coffee With Experts. Feel free to contact sandeep on email or chat.

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