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15 October 2007 One Comment

Indian bowling all of a sudden improved in the early stages of 20 20 worldcup.

If you think bowlers worked hard & improved.. no.. they are the same old bowlers.

But something special happened.. They dropped Agarkar. He is a sucker number 1, who had haunted the indian bowling attack for such a long time. Ghost one was kicked out & we did better.

Now there is a sucker junior in the form of sreesanth. He is one of the most useless bowler..
Most of the time, does pathetic bowling.. This ass hole is retained in the team for that just one off performance that he might do.. like the one against australia in T20.. but the dumb headed selectors & team management dont realize that we will lose 20 matches because of this guy..

Look at his antics below.. he looks like an uneducated roadside brat..
I hate him.. If indian bowling has to improve.. just chuck this guy out of the team..

If there is one thing to learn from this crook, it is his mental strength do all this when he knows that the result is always the same.. “batsmen is going to belt him”

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