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Take a plunge! Happy 2013

31 December 2012 3 Comments

I started writing these special year end blog posts 3 years back. May be I should say that I stopped writing at other times 🙂

“Grow up once again! Happy 2010”
“Be Awesome! Happy 2011”
“Be a seeker! Happy 2012”

Since I have used a caption every year, going by the trend, I should also find one this year! 🙂

I reread each of those posts. It is interesting how things change or evolve with time. May be this is a good time of the year when people take a step back, reflect about the year which went by and take some steps for the next year! If you are cynical, you would wonder why all the fuss about new year – After all it is just another day! Sure enough you can do this any time. If you are one of those types who likes continous assessments instead of annual examinations, sure go for it! End of the year is not such a bad time either.

This year was a very busy year for me in all fronts. I hardly had 10 – 15 status messages on my facebook page this year. Life threw up a lot of surprises – both good and bad, which kept me going it. I travelled a lot this year – both for work and for personal reasons. Amidst all these schedules, I kept the website alive and kicking with 12 interviews. CWS is slowly ticking its way to the 5 year mark this March. 5 Years might be a very small time in history of the world, but it is certainly a non-negligible chunk in my life and I am very happy with my efforts. Ofcourse, there is still a long way to go 🙂

In terms of Art, I travelled a very interesting journey. I continued with my contemporary Indian style and found a fascination for Ganesha paintings. One thing led to another and I started doing coffee paintings and I also did my first commissioned art work this year. Towards the end of the year, I enrolled at London Academy of Art, where I am building my skills with Mr. Cris De La Pena.

From The Aha Moment of the Week

I continued to seek for answers. I read the complete works of Swami Vivekananda and needless to say it had a profound influence on me. Some of my questions were answered. It has left me with a lot more unanswered. I read a lot of India, Indian History, Policies, Epics and what not.

THERE IS SO MUCH TO LEARN. I think learning should be the long term objective of life.

Time continues to fly. You can choose to be your navigator in this time travel called life. It is fascinating, throwing up surprises, makes you meet new people, see new places and ofcourse it throws up newer and newer challenges. Responsibility only increases with time. But if you really want to do something meaningful with your life, it is certainly possible. As Da Vinci once said “Time stays long enough for any one who use it”

A new year is dawning in the skies. It provides you an opportunity to rethink about life, prioritize, pull up your socks and chase your dreams! You may not have all the answers to reach your goals! May be, you may not know your goals. But trust time to give you the answers! Trust time and take a plunge! Happy 2013!

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  • sivaramakrishnan said:

    Good now take a plunge and allow time to tell the directions,it will guide the righteous only the right way, all the best for 2013 in all walks of life.

  • Sundar said:

    Thanks appa.