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Tambram & The Nude

19 July 2010 5 Comments
It is said that when your work does the talking, do not interfere. I generally stick to that philosophy, but the latest sketch “Aha Moment 22: Free Your Mind! Expose yourself to Greatness” was an extremely interesting experience for me. It was more than a drawing a sketch.. It was a constant tussle of thoughts within me..
The thoughts of drawing a nude sketch was sown in Tate Modern museum.. where I saw galleries after galleries.. artists after artists… art forms after art forms depicting or suggesting nudity.. Like every kid that wants to emulate its super hero, I too decided to take the plunge.. Thats where the struggle began..
Something within me said.. Sundar, what are you doing? Sandhya Vandam pannare Sundar Rajan-a idhu? (Is this the pious Sundar?) Don’t forget where you belong.. Just because Rajini smokes in every movie you don’t go and start smoking.. Just control your non-sense..
I thought about it and decided to give up! Probably western influence.. Not my culture.. But I continued to track the works of Ravi Varma.. And I saw nude woman again! I started wondering if something was wrong with me.. As brenda once said, you dont choose the subjects.. They choose you.. I decided to take the plunge..
It wasnt easy even after I decided.. While drawing the sketch.. I faced questions.. Am I doing the right thing? Would you imagine yourself doing this? Will you smoke because Rajini smokes.. You are doing a wrong thing..�You are unethical..
This was disturbing me to such an extent that I couldnt focus on the sketch.. I thought about the argument of rajni smoking.. I asked myself.. Is this a kind of craze like rajni smoking.. or is it the kind of craze to practise for 10 hours because sachin practises.. This nude craze seemed more like the latter.. The bottom line is.. I will be a better artist if I produce a great work! I am doing something core to improve my drawing skills and not into something peripheral..
I told myself.. Just shut up! Focus on the drawing.. Figure drawing is a part of every major art curriculum.. It is a part of the learning.. Just draw it.. And you dont have to put it up online..
Actually, the subject selection itself was quite a tussle.. When I googled for fine art nudes, the kind of websites which opened were totally disgusting.. until I finally found Jase’s work.. I instantly fell in love with a beautiful photo..
My first reaction was.. “This work is classy.. It has to be drawn”..
I continued to work on my sketch a bit more peacefully.. I was also googling for motivation for artists to draw nudes.. discussions on nudes vs porn.. etc.. It was scaring me to be honest..
Finally I mailed Brenda and asked her if I was doing the right thing.. And reply was simply amazing.. Here is an excerpt
“First of all, drawing the nude human figure is a very important aspect of becoming a good artist. If you can draw the human body extremely well, you can then draw anything! Adopt the mindset that the human body is simply another drawing subject.
If you have an opportunity to take part in life drawing classes, you will quickly find out that the artists do not see the model as a sexual being. They are much too busy using the opportunity to improve their drawing skills. The model becomes no more sexual than a vase or box! He or she is simply something to draw!”
I continued to focussed on my work and wanted to get the best piece of work that I could produce.. And here you see.. There is so much more in this sketch.. Elegance of the woman.. I liked the emotions.. the creepers �around.. the whole environment.. Loved it! Ofcourse this first requires the openness of the mind.. And I know it is difficult.. A few years back I would have criticized it as “Ridiculous!”
Open you mind.. And expose yourself to greatness! 🙂
From The Aha Moment of the Week
Nude sketches elevates the human body and appreciates its beauty.. There is nothing wrong with it.. From the whole exercise.. I can proudly say I have emerged stronger as an artist.. The right exposure actually leads to great learning!
My happiest moment came when the photographer replied – “You did a fantastic job. My wife also really likes it!”
Long way to go.. But satisfied with this one 🙂
The following is for people who know tamil… Sorry. This cant be translated at all..
“Art-ngra perula.. Attagaasam pannareenga..
Kola veri-le kavidhai yezhudhi tamilaiye kollarenga…
Neenga Naalavara.. Kettavara.. “
Aaa.. Aaaaaaaa.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Thenpaandi cheemayile.. 🙂




  • Frustrations Amalgamated said:

    Lol!! Nice post!! By the way, why are you comparing smoking to art??? And hey wait if u’re gonna show this in public be prepared for the worst. My parents saw a swear word in my blog and accused me of writing pornography. You would be accused of probably crafting it. *wink*

  • Santhosh said:

    By the title of this post “Tambram and the Nude”, I hope you are suggesting the tambram is you and not the nude woman. Please make it clear unless you want to be the next MFH 🙂
    Btw I liked the sketch and honestly I dont think you need to compare yourself with Rajnis smoking with you drawing a nude woman. Its well known that human in full form and the emotions attached with that figure are perhaps one of the most difficult things to capture in an art, be it photography or sketching or even scripting.

    The only thing I am offended about is when you say “TamBram and the nude” because I dont see any reason why being a “TamBram” means you must not attempt to draw a nude woman. I can understand if it is “Tambram and the chicken” but not why a TamBram cant be a artist who wishes to capture intimate art. I think there is a lot of perceived false notions about TamBram and people like us must not create more divide in the existing system.

  • Sundar Rajan G S (author) said:

    @Frustrations Amalgamated: ha ha.. thank god I showed my work to my father before he finds out himself 😛

    @Santhosh: Well the whole point is that they can co-exist and against all the crazy “expected behaviour” from people.. some where some people break the rules 🙂 And one of them me… And the other one is you.. chicken hogger 😛

  • vj said:

    Nice work and glad to see you document the internal struggle of ” working” on nudes. My thoughts and views below. would love your comments




  • K.Nirmala said:

    Good u came out with one.Sure u r true artist capable of expressing ur real feeling rather than presuming these are against being pious