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Teachers Day Special – Part 1

7 September 2008 4 Comments

Hi All,

On behalf of all the CWS Readers, I would like to wish all the teachers – A very happy (belated) teachers day!! I salute them for the noble profession that they are a part of.

On this occasion, I would like to remember some of my teachers, who have made significant difference in my life. This is the first in my 3 part series about teachers.

The first teacher in the list is my 8th Standard hindi teacher – Rehna Begum Maam. She handled a lesson called ‘Imandar Balak’ (Honest Boy). She spent one whole class stressing the importance of honesty. You might ask.. “Ah!! How sad.. You listened to one boring lecture.. whats so great about that..” Well.. it was great because I used to copy a lot before that.. Infact, I had copied in hindi test also from a girl called Sumaiya Fathima.. Some time later.. when maam distributed the papers for that test.. I went and told her that I had copied… I remember that I had scored 18.5 in that test.. She asked me strictly “How many marks did u copy for..” I told her that I had copied for half marks (Although I had copied for atleast 2-3 marks 🙂 I was worried that she would fail me) She took my answer sheet and she wrote 18.5 + 0.5 = 19 and she handed back the paper to me.. She said “You will never copy again.” And I never did.. Thank you sooo much maam for what you did.. Wish you a very happy teachers day!

Sheila Dimri Maam – 10th Standard hindi teacher
Some of my favourite teachers unfortunately taught me subjects I hated.. And one of them was Sheila Dimri Maam. In tenth standard first monthly test (see such an significant event in life 🙂 but actually it turned out to be so) I scored 11.5 out of 25. The passing mark was 12. This was the first time I had “failed”.. I cried like mad. My grand father spoke to maam.. telling her why she should give that half mark and make me pass.. else my morale would be affected.. She said a very stern “Noooo!!!!!” She also told something else.. which had a telling impact on me.. She said.. “From what I knw about Sundar, I am sure he will make a comeback and do really well. If I give this half mark, he will not realize the importance of studying well. Nothing should be given for free.”

I slogged hard.. I struggled but only managed to pass in all the monthly tests & exams etc.. Eventually topped school in Hindi (Its an irony for Hindi! :-)).. But the biggest take away for me was making a comeback.. It gave me a lot of confidence and I have been making comebacks all through my school, college, working days .. and even now @ IIMB. Thank you soo much maam! Wish you a very happy teachers day.

To be continued..




  • harshck?? said:

    hey sundar…remember we went to school a couple of years back??it was amazing to meet all the teachers!How about going sometime again??

  • Anonymous said:

    hi sundar,
    I really liked Teacher’s Day Special Part-1 & 2.
    Thank you for such a nice post.

  • Anonymous said:

    hi sundar,
    I really liked Teacher’s Day Special Part-1 & 2.
    Thank you for such a nice post.


  • me said:

    ur hindi is pathetic!!