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Teachers Day Special – Part 2

8 September 2008 4 Comments

Continuing with teachers day special..

The next teacher I would like to remember is my 12th standard maths teacher @ St. Joseph. I dont remember his name now.. (What a shame :-|) When I was studying in 12th in Bangalore, we had some new legislation passed.. PUC and degree colleges has to split up.. So, some of the lecturers would go to degree.. Some would stick to PUC.. This was based on senior and some other parameter.. Most of lecturers were allotted to either PUC or degree.. But there were some teachers like this person, who were not allotted to anything.. They are on the border line.. They could fall anywhere…

One day, he came to class and he lectured about the difficulties of being on the borderline… He spoke about the difficulties that he is going through.. He had tears in his eyes… It was a painful phase in his life.. He told us.. that we should study really really well.. and never be on the borderline.. Excel in whatever you do.. He uttered these words.. “If you want to study for IIT, study for it.. Do it now.. Dont repent later..” That inspired me… I went out and bought M L Khanna maths book and a few other books and started working on it.. Although I never gave JEE, the preparation helped me a lot in doing well in CET, in which I got 34th rank.. hence I went to REC.. I think his lecture was very crucial for me.. Else i would have just been stuck at PUC level prep.. I wouldnt have stretched a bit.. Thank you soo much sir.. Wish you a very happy teachers day.

Now comes my most favourite teacher.. Hemalatha Thiagarajan or our beloved HT Maam.. One of the most brilliant persons I have ever come across… She is just too good.. Intially I was very afraid of maam.. But later, I interacted a lot with maam.. How did maam influence me? Maam was helping of people, who were in need of help (be it money, extra lectures, lending books etc).. She was too good.. Thats when I realized its one thing to learn well, get good marks, but its a completely different thing to help others to rise up.. I will give my best in helping others maam.. I also like one more thing which maam told.. She said, I would like to teach/share everything I know.. I will never hold back anything from students.. That is something I will certainly follow maam.. Thank you soo much maam.. I am extremely happy that I had a professor like you.. Wish you a very happy teachers day..

To be continued..




  • Santhosh said:

    The Maths teacher name was John Binz. Good old days when we used to have a competetion as to who would solve the problem first in the most smart way, all of us sitting on the first bench in his class. Ofcrs and how could we not remember that sinusoidal evolution of the “yaaawwwnnnnn” in LP’s Electronic class….and the very famous punch dialogue of hers,”in actuality…”

  • Priyanka said:

    I like all teachers day part… really very small things teaches us many things..

  • Ron said:

    Haii sunder ..!!!

    i just woke up ..its 6.30 am in bombay and the first thing i happened to come across is your blog

    This is one of the most inspirational blogs that i have ever come across …Every word is so inspirational ,, so true ,and real.

    You are a wonderful person to have shared such immense wealth amongst all who read it ..

    You have a wonderful future , cause your past is so inspirational ..

    All the best ..friend… and good tidings

    Regards to one and all


  • me said: