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Teachers Day Special – Part 3

9 September 2008 No Comment

Hey guys,

Today we have come to the final 2 teachers, who have made a significant influence on me & my way of looking at life..

Mentor @ Time: At time tuition, somewhere in the middle of aimcats, some selected students were called and they were given some one on one mentoring.. It was hardly 20 minutes long.. Have you heard about the phrase.. I came, I saw & I conquered.. This man should be associated with a variant of this phase.. He came, He saw, He made me conquer.. He looked at the aimcat scores.. He discussed a few issues about various sections.. Finally he said, your verbal section shouldnt be last..As such you are weak in verbal.. Any section you put last, you do poorer than usual.. do verbal before that he said.. it was quite a useful peace of advise.. I eventually got 99.6 in verbal.. Thanks to this man.. Wish you a very happy teachers day sir..

Now at IIM Bangalore, I found one professor who was very different.. He is my financial accounting professor – Ramnath Narayanswamy (RNS as we call him).. Please.. I am not a big fan of Financial Accounting 🙂 I like him because of something else.. On the day before his first test/exam.. he said something which no other professor has ever told in my life.. He said do your best.. dont put too much pressure on yourself.. Doing well or not well in Financial accounting is not the most important thing to be a successful MBA.. And doing well in MBA degree is not the most important to be successful in Career or life.. (I hope I got him right here & did not misquote him) this was very different because.. every professor I came across told me that doing well in their subject is extremely essential.. For eg: Distributed computing is the most important subject.. No life without database.. Networks is a prerequisite for any job on earth..
But here is a man, who is asking us to give our best… but at the same time, dont get too pschyed.. thank you soo much sir.. I will make this announcement in every course I teach (in the future).. wish you a very happy teachers day…

It was a great feeling to remember some of the these teachers… Some of them have helped me take a decision at cross roads, some of them have inspired me to traverse on a different road.. And I did follow them.. With a trust… which can never be put in words!! Wishing all the teachers a very happy (belated) teachers day..



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