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Tech Sector Vs MBA: Thoughts from Junta

14 May 2008 No Comment

Hi All,

I think this interview with Manas Garg, about rejecting IIM B call was quite useful. There is nothing right or wrong about his decision. What one can take out this discussion is “WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT TO DO..” matters the most..

There are lots of very insightful comments given @ the end of the post.
Check out the comments given by Pradeep Kumar, Ram, Shyam, Anshul etc.. Quite useful I would say.

There was a discussion about this in IIM Bangalore – PGP 2008 – 2010 yahoo group. Seniors have their views about it as well. For the benefit of readers, here is what some seniors told. I really hope this will help you in your decision to pursue/not pursue MBA.

A senior Parul was kind enough to give a long explanation..

Dear Sundar n others facing similar dilemma

In my view, there can be no general answer to your question. However, it’ll be of benefit to continue speaking to many ppl and get individual perspectives. Here, I’ll share my perspective.

1. I feel every participant of the course is entitled to his/her likings and dislikings. Yes, you’ll have people who are doing an MBA coz they wanted to move on from the technology sector. And, why do
you not expect them here? It’s a general management program. If u dream about science/technology all the time and want to be a scientist/technologist, why do an MBA? The world needs bright scientists n technologists just as it needs bright managers. However, if your interest is in managing technology businesses, MBA does make sense.

2. Many of us at IIM B are from technology backgrounds. If some hate coding, some loved it too. It’s the same with everything, is n’t it? Some love marketing, some hate it. There are my batch mates who still love to code and they write codes to automate funcions of bookclub or sigma. But they pursue it as a hobby. The curriculum won’t have any courses in coding. It will have courses in managing technology businesses – technology marketing, Management of Information systems, Internet marketing.

3. I think asking whether there are people who love coding in IIM B is just as good as asking whether there are people who love X in IIM B? X could be sports, restaurants or even wines. If you choose not to come to IIM B as there are more of X haters than X lovers, it’s a personal choice. If you choose to do MBA as you love to manage the business of X, fair choice. The question you can ask of the course is – will the course have courses about managing business of X?

4. If we keep emphasizing on the selection process at IIM B, it’s just to say that your batch will have enough of diversity. And this diversity will make it more probable that u’ll find someone else who loves X no matter how unconventional that love maybe.

5. Yes, it might be difficult to get into hardcore tech after an MBA. VLSI Firms like ST Microelectronics India don’t even need an MBA for you to be a manager there. As STM India is a design centre. Most managers there are not managing businesses,they are managing design teams. They need to know the technology their teams are working on. So, most managers are engineers who have climbed up the management ladder. If an engineer at STM India wants to stay in
become a manager at STM India, a full time MBA might not be the route to take. Some Engineers there are doing part-time MBA. Maybe, it fits the bill better.

6. Tech firms like Yahoo! do hire from general management programs like ours. Google has hired Product Managers from ISB. So, if the manager’s profile at a tech firm has an element that’s taught at B schools, tech firms will hire from B schools.

Kandarp gave the following gyaan.

I have 3 things to say :

“Entrepreneurship”(‘A’) is different from “Being in
hard core tech”(‘B’).

C: Only one of A and B requires an MBA.

Your friend ( Manas ) seems to confuse the two when he says he is afraid to ‘lose touch’ with technology – coding , which might indeed happen when he becomes an entrepreneur. In effect, he is perfectly right when he says he is too early for him to do an MBA.

Readers, I really hope this information was helpful for you. I would like to say “What you want to do” matters most.. Talk to people.. to get a better picture..



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