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Thanks Bharath and Vinodh

3 January 2008 One Comment

Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to thank Bharath and Vinodh for making me think deeper about the purpose of the blog. You all know why I blog.

Check out: http://nicereads.blogspot.com/2007/12/why-i-blog.html

But yesterday, I had an interesting situation.

Karthick and I were talking about his blog. That is when I told “Just blog for yourself! Dont worry about others!”. Thats when Vinodh and Bharath told “Look who is talking about blogging for oneself” 🙂 I defended that I blog for myself. So, they challenged me that if I blog for myself, then remove status messages for 25 posts! I removed it yesterday!

I went back home and reflected on why I blog. I read and re-read the post on “Why I blog”. I came to the conclusion that I dont blog for myself. I was only partially correct when I said I blog for myself. I blog for my friends – That is you! When I said I blog for myself – What I meant was I am not going to write a post because some one likes or dislikes a particular topic. I am going to be unbiased in what I write. I am going to let my mind decide what I write. But I am writing to share it with my friends! I want them to read. I dont care whether some random guy reads my blog or not, but I would like my friends to read. If I had to blog for myself, I might as well write a diary!

I humbly accept that I lost the challenge.

But I am thankful to bharath and vinodh – the question they raised made me think!
It fine tunes my purpose of the blog – I am really passionate about my blog.

Here is where I win, I got to understand my blog better!

But on this occasion, I have decided that I am not going to bug anybody to read my blog.
My status message will stay, but passively. If you are interested go ahead and read it!

If you want to get notified whenever I blog, there are a few ways.

1. Join cws-readers google groups.
2. Subscribe over email.
3. Subscibe RSS in google reader.

I will give a detailed post on how to consume Coffee With Sundar (cws) in a different post!

If I have bugged you to read my posts, I am sorry! I wont be doing again!

Thanks bharath and Vinodh.

You will find these in my blog: Coffee, Fun, Carnatic Music, Mridangam, Google, Random thoughts, Business ideas, Start ups, Videos, Blogposts, Cricket, India, Philosophy, Real life Experience.. The list goes on…..



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  • Allagappan M said:


    One of the best things I liked about your blog is, you accept, change, improvise! Which is beauty. Frankly I have also felt that one shouldn’t be forced to read his blog.

    Rather, if I force my friend to read your blog, that is the ultimate credit! 🙂

    I’ll keep reading your blog.