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The Highlights

10 January 2008 One Comment

I prepared for CAT seriously for 8 – 9 months. It was one heck of a roller coaster ride. Here are some of the highlights!

1. Mountain View trip (March – April)
I visited mountain view for work last year! I took with me a quants book – Arun Sharma! Throughout the trip, I was just working out Arun Sharma (in the evenings and weekends). Before this trip, I was weak in quants, but after this trip, I had a very very good grip over cat quants. Suddenly, I found a “strength”

2. Find of the season – Yes, I got one good friend in the form of Mahesh. We both went to the same tution. We were doing quite well together. We had similar bandwidth (time to study) and frequency. πŸ™‚ Since that guy is a very active Pagalguy, he keeps giving me updates on anything important! He got 99.4x and got calls from B, C, L, I, K
Mahesh Rocks! I will not forget the number of times I used to call him and crib to him about my low performance πŸ™‚

3. String of low scores (overall percentiles in mid or late 80s or at the max, early 90s) for nearly 5 tests. This happened about 1.5 months before CAT. This is precisely the time when guys start ripping apart mock cats and I was getting royally screwing up! Part of it can be attributed to my “Launch & related processes” at Google. I couldnt study a lot – It was clearly reflected in my performance in mocks. I thought “Should I give up?”

4. Yes, When I was thinking “should I give up?”, I spoke to prem. Prem is another popular person among B school aspirants for his sheer motivating words. This is what he said, and I will never forget it for life.

“You are trying to go to some place, You run behind a bus, you run till you are tired.. you give up”

“A dog chases you :-), you run & and you run.. the dog keeps chasing you, but at some point you give up”

“A tiger chases you :-), will you ever give up? you will give up only when you lose all hopes of living.”

“Now you decide what is CAT for you? How important is CAT for you! are you sure you want to give up?”

— These words always come back to me when I think I losing hope!
Thanks a lot prem! I really enjoyed the emotional ride of CAT only because of you!

5. Counselling session for “selected students @ TIME”.. The expert was really an expert. He just looked at my scores and he asked me what my strategy was. I told it is “DI QA VA”.. He told that any section in the end, you tend to perform poorer than usual. Try to allot more time for english if you can! (Till that date, I had seen 90+% in Verbal only a couple of times)
I went home, thought about his suggestion and changed my strategy – “VA DI QA”
And it worked like magic. πŸ™‚
All my mock scores and percentiles started increasing!

I think this was one of “the most crucial moment” in my CAT preperation – Converting English from Weakness to Strength.

6. After a string of bad scores, I got one very good performance. I was speaking to prem. Somewhere during my conversation – he mentioned – “Peaking at the right time eh? :-)!”. I was just one performance. But that lead to series of good ones! Those words just motivated me and gave me the confidence! I carried the confidence to CAT.

7. That 70 – 80 seconds! Yes I followed the same strategy – “VA DI QA” in CAT as well. In my last 70 – 80 seconds I went back to DI. I attempted 3 questions. I attempted these questions based on “Intuition”. I got 2 corrects, 1 wrong – This contributed to 7 marks of my paltry 31 in DI. But for the 7 marks, my percentiles would have been 65.xx in DI. And thats the end of it! I really thank god that I went back to DI (which I usually dont do) and get 2 out the 3 correct! πŸ™‚

Finally, how can I forget the happiest moment (so far) in my journey to B school. yes, when I saw the result after an agonising wait! yes, IIM B & IIM I giving calls πŸ™‚

So far so good! πŸ™‚

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  • mac said:

    Hey congrats man..

    U fought hard. And u deserved it…

    Lets make it in IIMB πŸ™‚