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The year that was – Part 1

3 April 2009 6 Comments

The following is my sarcastic or cynical recollection of the last 3 terms at IIMB.. To be honest, I am happy that I started wearing the “cynical hat”.. IIMB life is good.. but my B Tech life was far more better and lot more fun.. Here goes my life at IIMB for the past 3 terms..

Term 1

It was that phase of your life.. when everything about IIMB looks scenic to your eyes.. Right from dustbins to the lectures.. How can it be bad.. You are at I… I… M… B.. Whenever you meet new people.. the first thing you end up discussing is about your other CAT calls.. I got A B L I K C X Y M … whatever… But you know what “B” is the best.. It was that phase of life when all the status message should have alteast one “B” like “B – The place to B” or “To B or not to B” etc..

After some funfilled 1 week orientation, the lectures finally start.. Its that part of the year when you say.. “Dude.. you know what.. I enjoyed enough in B Tech.. I am here to Study..” Imagine what would happen if each & every student takes a resolution like this.. Well thats exactly what will happen… I remember studying for a Quiz – 5% component – 4 days before the test!! Holy Crap!!

After 2 weeks, you slowly realize the profs are as lousy as your profs in B Tech days.. Subjects unfortunately more lousier..
Yeah!! I mean.. Financial Accounting and the crazy question papers which the profs set.. Oh my god!  Business Government & Society.. the subject names itself will make you go dizzy.. wait a second.. its not over.. πŸ™‚

Anyways, amidst all these crazy subjects you will find some interesting mathematics.. trust me it was more challenging & enjoyable than my engineering mathematics, micro economics etc.. Somethings in life will make you stay alive..

Apart from all these usual academic rigour (or rather unusual rigour), you will have “n” number of so called interesting activities… L^2 dance floor.. which is empty more often than not..  The club induction etc..

The club induction is one of the most political thing you will ever come across in life.. If you utter a word meritocracy, you will be fired even before you are hired.. The selection process is a very simple straight forward process..
1. Are you a good looking girl
2. Are you a junior from my college..
3. Have exhibited “interest” by interacting about club activities etc..
Ok Ok.. its not so bad.. there will 2 people selected on the basis of merit ok.. πŸ™‚

Well its not so bad afterall.. πŸ™‚ More to come in the next few posts.. 

 But you will have to wait till I say “Namaste London” tomorrow.. 




  • balaji said:

    after a long time, a post that i absolutely loved.
    pray that your financial accounting prof doesnt subscribe to your blog feed.

  • Alagappan said:

    nice to hear that.. B.Tech life was far more fun… hmm… πŸ™‚

  • venkatesh said:

    good blog really liked it…

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  • arti chaujar said:

    IIM Brand Dilution!!:D, someone to pls warn govt from coming up with 6 more IIMs in the country!!!![:D]

    Didnt know that B-school life is essentially the same irrespective of the brand.


  • Sreekanth A Kidambi said:

    Hope this doesn affect placements πŸ˜› however ITS TRUE…. Its always good products create a brand and not the other way round!!!!! πŸ˜›

    All the best!!! Do well!!! πŸ™‚