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The year that was – Part 2

12 April 2009 5 Comments

Hey guys..

I reached london…. A blog post about my first week at London a bit later.. For now.. let me continue from where I left..

Term 2

As the second term starts.. you will slowly start getting your first term grades.. Thats when the reality will sink in.. You realize that you are not god’s gift to mankind.. The lectures get more “interactive” (read more arbit crap discussed in class.. infact I made a horrible CP in marketing class after that I took a vow not to speak crap again!).. The subjects get more “subjective” (read.. the grades are depend on the mood of the TA :-)) And ofcourse you come across this new concept where students will come and make presentation in the class.. and professor will just answer the doubts.. (How many times have you cribbed about lazy profs in your B Tech days.. You will find more professionally qualified lazy profs here :-))

While all these usual class room boring stuff keep happening.. the “Big” thing starts.. The summer placement process..
The first step for that submitting resumes to company.. You would surprised by the quality of resumes which you get out of this place.. Trust me.. Extremely brilliant resumes.. After reading such resumes, I would never ever recruit anybody on the basis of resumes.. 🙂 It would apprear as though 280 odd “gifts” to mankind have come down to earth at the same time..

It will so glorified.. Oh my god!! If you had ever moved a ladder from 1 room to another, you can write that also as a “resume point” or “bullet point”.. Something like this.. “1 among the 200 people to be selected as part of the Infrastructure team at India’s leading Business School” – I mean all these for just lifting ladder… ha ha.. Then imagine the people who have “actually” accomplished something in life here.. It will be very difficult to differentiate..

Then there is this concept of “Spikes” in the resume.. If you have consistently proven that you are good at something.. say you have lifted ladder 2-3 times at IIMB.. and also 2-3 times at you B Tech college.. you will have a spike in this area.. Ofcourse, it should be well written and al.. And please dont use the same words again.. then.. it will look ackward.. what would be your spike would actually start pinching you.. So dont use words like “1 among 200” three times.. you should use “Amogst top 100”, “Selected among top 500” etc..

OK ok.. jokes apart.. it was term filled with summers process.. very hectic.. you have to attend almost every single PPTs (Pre placement talks)… hectic period..

Amidst all these… there are more interesting subjects once in a while.. the quants just got more interesting.. so did corporate finance etc.. So.. life is not all that bad @ IIMB..

When the term ends.. you will feel extremely releaved.. You know.. that feeling.. “Its finally done for god sake..” Its a “one week vacation”.. after that.. gone are the days when we had two month summer vacations.. Finally.. even before you could make up for your lost sleep in term 2.. term 3 comes staring at you….

About term 3 in next post..




  • yashila said:

    heard about an interesting thing. the director of the last james bond and kyter runner (marc forster) is doing a new film project. what will it be about? and why was he in mumbai?


  • Shivraj said:

    Hey Sundar !

    I am in love with your blog !Great piece of writing .. i read three posts of your and from now , will be glued to it..

    Waiting for your term3 post eagerly 🙂


  • Alam said:

    thnx a lot sundar sir.u can’t believe i become ur fan after reading such interesting posts.
    keep it up sir.

  • Chethan said:

    So the ‘Resume writing’ bug has bitten you too !! Trust me, after a week of ‘improving’ your resume, it is ironically reduced to a commodity !!

    keep the postings going..