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The year that was – Term 3 Life at IIM Bangalore

2 May 2009 7 Comments

So.. Here comes the much awaited term 3 πŸ™‚ I am sorry, I hate to say this, but I was really busy with getting adjusted to this London city life. Ofcourse, that includes touring around the city over the weekends πŸ™‚
Also my computer is infected with some crazy virus. It doesnt let me reboot half the time.. Hence this delay in writing about term 3 life..

Alrighty Alrighty!!! I woke up at 9 AM.. Fully fresh. All set to start a new term.. This is the freshness which you find when you do something new.. Like joining a new job.. or like joining a new university.. or internship or something like that.. You know.. that feeling of “looking forward to”.. I had that in me..

Sadly, good things dont last for long in life.. πŸ™‚ The fresh “looking fwd to” thingy is also one of the good things which lasted only 12:00 PM..

I was all set to attend my elective classes at 12:00 PM.. All these days you had the liberty to crib that the prof was bad.. But you know.. the IIMB administrators are smart.. They ask you to pick the courses.. So.. you can no longer blame the prof.. πŸ™‚ So your lame excuses dont hold from the start of term 3.. Actually it still does hold for half the term.. because we have only 3 electives.. the other are 3 core subjects.. which cant be avoided.. basically!!

There is an unspoken gospel truth when you enter this god forbidden place called IIMB.. Basically, higher the weightage given to CP (for the greater mortals, who havent stepped into this ugly world called B – School, CP means – Class participation).. coming back to CP.. higher the weightage given to CP, more the rubbish expected from you.. What do you expect from the cream de la cream to do.. follow the rules?? naah.. We “break barriers”.. We all entered this unknown territory where “we dont put fight!”.. We have all become better human beings.. and started respecting each others views (if we ever have one).. Some thing must be hidden behind all this right.. How can the super enthu people in term 1 become so calm by term 3.. Whats the secret??? Well nothing much!! The summer placements are done man! So this term you would expect a bit of lethargy to set in. Thats it.. You stop fighting for petty 5% Quizzes.. and all the crappy CP.. You soon realize that attendance plays a significant role in CP marks.. So you start attending classes (and ofcourse, you can doze off.. Only attendance counts.. Not attention :-)) Life also treats you a bit better.. There were consecutive weeks without quizzes. The number of surprise quizzes also reduced. On the whole it was a ok-ok to cool term..

Oh my God!! “Cool” in IIMB.. How can this happen… Yes.. Actually, we were all mass hypnotized to believe that we we had a cool term.. Almost every single subject had 20 – 25% given to projects.. And we had to submit all of these a couple of days before end term.. We are engineers at heart.. We know about projects one week before deadline.. We start work only 2 days before deadline.. Holy crap!!

How are we going to download so many things from Google at one go.. Doing one project itself requires so much googling.. I should recommend this to my former Google Collegues.. to have Google BSchoole.. which helps us to do market search better.. I am sorry.. market research better.. πŸ™‚

Btw, I had taken Business law as one of the electives.. In one of the 22 classes in which I was awake.. (probably the only one of the 22 classes), the professor said Copying from the web is not actually illegal.. you can actually copy from the web!! But copying from the web and not referencing them in the article is illegal.. Wow I love these Laws.. They are so filled with loop holes.. We were all cursing ourselves for “feeling guilty” all these terms when we did precisely that.. We have been very sincere in referencing to articles actually.. πŸ™‚

Actually, jokes apart.. We dont copy and all.. πŸ™‚ We are certified “Ethical” people.. Dont know if I have mentioned this in my term 1 post, we have already under gone a boring workshop on Ethics.. I am Serious!! πŸ™‚

So.. The Cool term was actually “Hot” in the end.. In this land of nocturnal species, no single organism ever respected the other.. But when the term ended.. there was a lot of demand for each other.. Statements like “Trinadh, please be with our group today evening.. Dont go with them” etc are made.. I mean.. Whats happening around.. You generally are not a part of this groupism etc.. How are you brought into this.. You slowly realized that it was statement made by Strategy group people.. Basically you have to sit and do strategy project and not spreadsheet project.. Just imagine.. 6 subjects, 6 projects.. and every group wants you.. Not that you are a valuable resource or something.. Dont feel too proud.. just that somebody had to retype the copy pasted stuff from the web.. πŸ™‚ Ofcourse, there will be a project “leader”.. Managers should have leadership qualities you see.. The self nominated super-enthu “Leader” will check if the references are all in place.. πŸ™‚

Talking of spreadsheets.. I fundamentally believe that this world (of IIMB) is full of good people.. (What has this got to do with spreadsheets… ???!#@@@”).. I also watched a lot of hindi movies this term on LAN.. I told you right.. it was “supposedly” a cool term.. Like all good hindi movies, good people are always troubled (like the courses we have here).. But there will also be something good.. like a romantic song.. or a dream sequence where the hero feels good.. Spreadsheet was something like that for us.. Trust me.. 33 hours of class and I didnt sleepy for a single minute.. It was just too good.. Although, it had a bit of random grading.. i wouldnt complain.. It was just tooo tooo too good.. the professor was great.. it was this term’s silver lining.. I enjoyed the way the excel sheet could be used to solve various problems.. be it marketing, finance etc.. It was so great!!

How I wish, spreadsheets can also help us solve our life’s problem here in IIMB. Oh my spreadsheet.. please make life half as beautiful as my life at NIT Trichy.. Oh NIT Trichy.. I miss you everyday!!

PS: This is just a sarcastic & hilarious recollection of life here.. Life is not all that bad.. πŸ™‚ Infact, It was this place that helped me realize that even I can be an entrepreneur.. I started “What Next Online” last term.. The Website is still under construction.. Will definitely post updates about that the start up and all the lessons I am learning from it..

Have fun! Hope you enjoyed by recollection of life at IIMB.




  • Karthik C said:

    good post.. put up some fotos of London dude and your classes there… same for IIMB too.. your posts are great but pics along with them will be even better

  • Sriram S said:

    Hey, i always wanted to ask you why you left google and joined iimb? google job is one of the best tech jobs a btech can wish for. Arent you finding subjects like finance, business law boring compared to algos and ds?

  • How do we know said:

    ha ha ha.. u brought back my college memories.. and this is proof that B and C are not different at all.. we also sack and crack (umm, the second verb does not always refer to exams. Sometimes its our head)

    Another thing – one generation (or more?) later, we can safely say that we STILL dont study πŸ˜‰

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  • Gavrilin said:

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