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Those were the days

12 March 2008 9 Comments

Ganapathy and Santhosh were very close friends from college. After his B Tech, Ganapathy decided to stay back in India and work, while santhosh went to US to pursue his masters degree. Intiallly they were in touch through regular emails. But as time progressed, regular assignments and demanding work got better of them. They were hardly able to keep in touch. With a 12 hour time gap, it became almost impossible. They left offline messages once in a while.. But both of them were never online together..

Finally the day arrived after 8 months, when they were online together..

G: Ganapathy, S: Santhosh…

S: Hi Gannu.. How are you da?? I hope you are around..
G: Hey santa.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
G: long time… how r u.. I am fine here da..
S: Yeah da.. its been a long time.. lots of assignments here..
G: What about you.. howz work..
G: Work is going good da. but these days it is a bit hectic..
G: I am hardly able to come online… Before I used to get a lot of free time.. It was so easy to keep in touch.. Now its difficult..
S: Yes da.. Gannu.. Those were the days..

S: So.. howz life there da.. Howz India da.. Anything new..
G: Whats new here da.. The same old routine work.. Whats special there da..
S: Nothing much da.. after saving money for the last one month.. I went to an Indian restaurant here.. I was really missing home..
G: Oh cool.. Even I went to our regular hang out place da.. But you knw what.. I dont feel like going there again.. I was all alone.. Those were the days when we used to sit under the tree and pull each others leg.. It used to be fun da..
S: ya da.. those were the days..

G: So what did you eat there..
S: I ate naan, curd rice and dahi puri da..
S: I cried when I ate dahi puri da.. I was thinking about the treat you gave me.. That day we had so much chaat da.. now.. the food was bad.. But the thoughts of those days made it even worse.
G: I fully agree da.. even I miss those days da..

S: Hey.. Saw any movie..
G: Yeah da.. Went to Jodha Akbar in PVR..
S: Fulto man.. Full PVR and all… Corporate.. Rich guy.. cool..
G: Ha ha.. dont make fun da.. did you also see..
S: Yes da.. Downloaded a pirated version and saw it.. πŸ™‚
G: Remember, how we watched movies in hostel.. in your comp..
S: Yes ofcourse da.. How can I forget the back to back movie marathon we had during our “study” holidays πŸ™‚
G: Seriously, those were the days da..

S: Hey, I have to go to lab da.. I have to submit my work by 3 PM..
G: Ok da.. Even I have to sleep, its very late here.. Have a nice day..
S: Thanks da.. do keep in touch.. Good night.. bye..
G: Bye..

Both Santa and Gannu go offline..
Gannu was lying on his bed.. But he didnt get sleep as late as 3 AM.. He felt nice that he could chat with his close pal.. But at the same time.. He was feeling bad.. missing those great days of his past..

Santa, on the other hand was only thinking about his chat with gannu, as he was driving towards his department.. He felt that the void within him was exposed..

The only thing that they were thinking was “Those were the days!”, wondering when they would next chat up..

Yes, “Those were the days..”




  • Anonymous said:

    interestin one, tho the ‘da’ thing ws a little repetitive. there was a da after every 3 words.

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ anonymous,

    Very good observation.. I will keep this in mind when I write new posts

  • brocasarea said:

    good post..touching:)..and that da thing was good..we tend to use it frequently when talking!

  • Anonymous said:

    wel perhaps u do lyk us wen v adrrs frens as ‘yaar’ in hindi!bt wen u use it 24 tyms in one not so long article it gets ovr d top!!!

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:


    Thanks.. But anonymous mentioned, probably I used a bit too much..

  • AJ said:

    Nicely written, it actually brought back some of my memories of some old friends who I’ve lost tough with after we all moved on from school. I still try to strike a convo at times but it’s different and a lot happens *after* the convo like you said… πŸ™‚

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ aj,

    Yeah.. as you said.. you have a mixed reaction.. you wont know whether to feel happy or sad..

    I dont knw.. I love such kind of feelings.. and thats precisely what I blog.. – Nostalgia..

  • GSR said:

    This is exactly what happens between my good friends in India and me now.. i really really miss those days!! πŸ™ I dint realize this is the same feeling of nostalgia in people who r in India, especially staying at/near home..!!

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ GSR…

    it happens to lots of ppl..

    everyone I knw misses ones college life..