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TKV’s Thodi Raga.

3 September 2007 2 Comments

T K V Ramanujacharulu, or better known as TKV sir in srirangam and trichy, has shown his greatness in this piece. He plays Thodi Raga.

He is harsha’s (my roomie in REC) teacher.

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  • Musical Scientist said:

    Dear Sundar..dunno if you remember me..I was one year senior to you at NITT..mech branch. Beautiful video of TKV sir’s tODi rAgA..some sangathis are just too amazing..thanks a lot..I love reading your posts..keep going :)All the best.

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    thanks.. I am just giving stuffs which I am finding interesting..
    Do visit again 🙂