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Tsunami – The way we survived it!

27 December 2007 4 Comments

26th Dec 2003 will be remembered!! yes, it will be remembered for 2 reasons.

1. It was that dreaded day on which 1000s and 1000s of people were washed away by Tsunami

2. It was the same day, we (my whole family and relatives – arnd 25 ppl) survived tsunami. Yes, we survived the natures wrath in a strange way. Here is what happened.

On 25th (previous day) I joined my family from REC Trichy along with my friend harsha. We went to “Swami Malai” from my college. We visited the temple, had dinner and stayed in a Marriage Hall which we had arranged through some contacts.

I was quite upset that I was forced to stay back because I wanted to get back to
REC that night itself. Before sleeping, I asked my mother to keep my watch safely.
She put it in her suitcase.

Next day morning, I got up quite late. I was already in a hurry. Everyone was in the bus. I took bath quickly and got ready. I asked my mother for the watch. But she couldnt find it. She searched her suitcase, but it was not there. My father was calling us from the bus, but I was adamant about my watch. We wasted 10 mins and then my father came down and scolded me. He told he will get me another watch. I was really disappointed. As such I was not interested in going, then I was forced to stay back, I lose my watch and finally get scolded also.

Ok, finally I got into the bus and then the driver says the clutch was jammed. And he cant take the bus. I was really really upset by then. Now there was more delay.
My father did some repair (he is really good at all these stuffs) and he got it to work in 10 mins.

We were all set to go. Then one random guy on the road was taking reverse and he started shouting at us. The fight became bigger and we spent another 10 mins approx. One of my uncles reminded the driver that we were getting late. The driver gave up the fight and we moved on.

I got dropped on the way. My family and relatives were going to another temple – One of the last few navagraha temples.

Somewhere close to temple, there was so much tension. Some random guy on the road told my father not to enter the place as there was a huge wave of water which washed away almost everybody. He also told that if they had reached the spot around 20 mins earlier, even they would have been washed away!

Yes, the delay in the morning was with a purpose. It just gave enough time for my family to survive. I call such forces as god and I feel I really experienced god that day. You might ask, where was this god for other 1000s and 1000s of ppl.. I really dont knw. But I only knw that what I experienced that day was something beyond human powers.

I really thank god that I have my family and relatives today.

I also mourn the death of other 1000s of people on this day.

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  • Gayathri said:

    FYI, Tsunami occured in 26th Dec 2004 not in 26th Dec 2003,please update…