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Untangle & Chase your dreams! Happy 2014!

31 December 2013 8 Comments

Time just keeps flying. Last year, I was in London writing the yearly post where I take a moment and reflect my life. Now I am sitting here in Bangalore. In a blink of a moment, my life has changed. So many things changed this year! Probably one of the craziest years in the recent past for me.
I was Living a life of a zombie at the start of the year, without any friends and family. I resigned from investment banking. Left everything in London and came back to India. Partly forced by circumstances. Partly, In pursuit of a dream! To live a life with high ideals! How naively optimistic I was!

I trusted the corporate sweet talks a bit too much. I was too honest which cost me a great deal. I got fooled quite a bit at IB. A tech NGO offered me to run their India operations. I trusted their words and resigned from my work. Only to realize that they were only contemplating it.
I got an offer from a singapore based start up. They walked away without giving me an offer letter on paper. I learnt the harsh realities of life.

Not only at work, I failed in almost everything I put my hand on to. I prepared for IAS and I failed. I have many incomplete books this year, a couple of incomplete paintings, discontinued violin, tried to move to NYK and failed there, joined and left the course in philosophy, joined and left swimming, Coffee with Sundar has had very few interviews. Crazy and a difficult year it was!
Well what can I say! I know that I tried something elusive. Most people I have met are unhappy with their careers. I tried to do something different and I honestly should admit that I failed.

One good thing about the year ends is it gives some time to reflect the past year. It gives me an opportunity to dream and aspire for the next year. Now, the goal for next year is to untangle the knots and get back on course to lead a passionate life filled with meaning and purpose. Ofcourse all that can happen only by doing things which you enjoy!
Well, things are clear. Goals are set as the curtain of 2013 comes to close. I hope that you too took a moment to reflect, untangle yourself and chase your dreams!

I wish you all a happy year 2014!



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