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VC Pitch – Part 1

8 February 2009 One Comment

Hey Guys,

A couple of weeks back I attended Proto.in. I happened to be there are at a Pitch Camp, where VCs mentioned what they expect in a pitch which entrepreneurs present to VC for funding.

I felt it was quite revealing.. I will share it in 3 or 4 part blog post..

So.. here we go..

1. Show real product or a prototype if possible. Demonstration is more than any amount of talk in the air.

2. Sense of Market Size for the product.. Is the market growing or declining etc

3. Talk about your team. How did you start this? Express your passion.. Who are the team members, their backgrounds etc..

4. What are the risks involved in the business & how are you derisking these risks?

5. Talk less & listen more to what the VCs say. Be open to ideas.



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  • Smruti said:

    Thanks Sundar…it’s helpful.