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Wah Taj Hai!! – Part I

11 December 2007 No Comment

Woke up at 5 in the morning and rushed to IIT Delhi gate to catch the panicker travels bus… Yes I caught the bus without oversleeping. I was on my way to Agra to see the “Taj Mahal”

4 hours in bus.. Then the guide woke all of us with a harsh cacophonic “hinglish” and gave some basic idea of what Taj is, who built it, y was it built etc.
Then I got down from the bus and went and stood in a queue… which was soooooooo long. After standing in the queue for 15 minutes, I realized that I didnt buy the ticket. How dumb of me. 15 minutes dude.. I went to buy ticket and came back, only to find that my bus-mates were all missing with the guide.. I had no choice, I went and stood back in the queue. It was 11:45 or so and we were told that there is a VIP visiting TAJ and the gates will close most likely by 12:30, in the worst case by 1:00 pm and people wont be allowed till 5pm. (What the heck?)

I was standing in the queue helplessly, rejecting offers to enter TAJ “immediately” (by paying 500 bucks cash to those middlemen thr).. I think I probably took a good decision.. Ofcourse, I saved the cash.. but also went through a series of complex emotions while I stood in the queue.

Lots of guys were trying to join the queue. On any other day, I probably wouldnt mind letting one or two guys to break the line and join in the middle, but on sunday, I felt every single person who joined the queue was endangering my chances of seeing “The Taj”.. Should I let them in??? Ofcourse no.. But at some point before the entry, there was this guy who was a dumb guy, who wanted to join the queue.. Should I let him in?? Or should I shout at him also?? I decided not to. I havent seen the Gate where I am going to get in and what if this guys makes it and I am just stopped. No way. I realized all this sympathy, helping tendency etc all works only when you are in a “comfortable zone”.. If not, its “just about survival”.. Y cant that guy stand in the queue anyway???? He is just dumb and not having broken leg… this is what I thought.

This situation was nothing when compared to what was happening to my left. There was a gang of school kids.. may in say 2nd standard or 3rd standard.. It was a class trip and they were in like 100s and they had around 5 or 6 teachers taking care of them.

Let K be a school kid and W be a women.

Intially the line was like this. Around 4 or 5 women amidst a gang of kids.


On request from one of the teachers, the 4 women moved aside, and made all the kids stand together. The queue looked like this. (How dumb on the teachers side, she could have let those 4 ladies to stand ahead of the kids group and avoid all that follows)


Now more and more women started standing together like this and claiming that even they allowed the kids group to stand together.


Now will you do if were there?? I think the ladies travelled together. Alteast the initial 20 odd women travelled in the same group, only 4 of them stood in the queue for the whole group. Others went to rest room, bought tickets, did make up etc (north indian aunties are super good in this and they are super good themselves :-))

What will you do in this situation?? Will you let 100 kids to go ahead of you?? Man, it one hundred and not ten mind you!! And teachers are not allowing more than 4 ladies to walk ahead??? Will you stay back?? or will you go?? Remember, you have travelled distances to see taj and the gate is going to get closed in another few minutes thanks to some crappy VIP coming!! what will you do in this situation??

Trust me, I will “GO”.. I wont care a damn for kids or other aunties with whom I travelled together.. its survival there.. I am sure you will not become a mother theresa by letting the kids go.. its not a sacrifice.. its dumbness..

Anyways, on the way to taj mahal.. I thought I faced a “dharm sankat” situation.. Ladies to my side were having a much more horrible situation… After seeing this, i thought.. i didnt have to take a any decision.. it was just obvious that I shout at that guy who tried to break the queue..

Poor Aunties, they really had a tough call to make. And ofcourse, the security guard let the children in ahead of these aunties.. How unfair life is..

I think even they made it in the end. (I saw one of those aunties inside, when I was coming out..) Anyways, All is well that ends well.

More on what happened after I entered the gate sometime later.

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