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Waiting for the Aha Moment

8 September 2007 3 Comments

There are certain moments which gives so much immense satisfaction.. that it cant be described in words.. The Aha Moments.. I really havent had that for a while. I dont knw y.. One could be because I have stopped playing mridangam for a brief while.. Or I could be that I havent gone to Kutcheri for a while.. Or is it because I havent thought for a while.. I dont knw y..

Infact I have come close to it a number of times.. for example I was listening to this song “namo namo raghavaya… “.. I lost myself in music.. the raga.. and the beats which adds so much beauty to the song… But the moment was stopped abruptly as I dont have access to the whole song.. and song that I was listening to has a lot of breaks.. It is one of those.. Its just that moment which I was going so close to .. But it all stopped.. Now I am searching on google for that song.. 🙁

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    I am looking for a recording of this too- it is Sri Thyagaraja’s very first composition

  • Sundar Rajan G S said:

    @ raji,

    if you get it.. please give it to me also..

  • Raji said:

    I think I may – our music group has recorded it when we sang it with accompaniments – if it turns out to be good, will definitely let you have it. I have a lousy memory – see how long it took me to get back here – but do give me a reminder if you don’t hear from me.