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What a match

25 September 2007 One Comment

What a match.. Even my grand mother was so excited…

My heart was in my mouth when the ball was in the air.. for a moment.. I forgot about everything in life.. and I was praying.. and praying.. that its just a four.. and not a six.. the camera moved the with the ball.. and the ball is coming down.. Oh god.. please.. it shouldnt be a six.. i dont know if i will ever see India winning a worldcup in my life.. this is the closest i can get to it.. may be they can do it again.. but i dont want this ball to go for a six.. i dont mind having a bowl out .. but i dont want india to lose..

camera follows the ball.. and its into the hands of sreesanth..

huh.. a scream.. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss was my reaction.. i dont knw when i was so happy before this.. but that 1 minute i was jumping with joy.. for India has won the worldcup..

What a match.. please dont make it this tight.. I will have a heart attack..
uh.. man.. thank god!! we made it..

Here are some of the photos ..




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  • YouKnowWho said:

    True dude. I started having a headache, my heart was pumping high and blood pressure the highest ever. Finally, a deserving victory. The most consistent performance by Indian team ever in any tournament. Great. We Rock!!!