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What special for new year?

1 January 2008 One Comment

Today I got a number of phone calls, sms, scraps (thanks to scrap all your friends script) wishing me for new year. Thank you all for the wishes once again.

Whenever someone called me, this is what happens.

X: Hi Sundar,
Me: Hi X,
X: Hey, wish you a very happy new year!! Have a great time.
Me: (At the same time): Wish you a very happy new year!

Both of us laugh.

X: Thanks, same to you.
Me: Thanks, same to you.

Again both of us laugh.

Me: What special for new year?
X: Nothing much, What are you planning to do?
Me: Nothing much here as well.. New year is yet another day for me!
X: blah blah blah.. (some stories)
Me: Yeah true.. you are right… wait let me give the phone to my grandmothers, she wants to wish you as well (And escape!)

Seriously, I am sure even you would have had a similar experience.

You know what, questions like “What special for new year”, “Whats up” are asked only to look cool. The answer is almost always “NOTHING!!”.. So why ask?

If I had conducted a poll for the question “What special for 2008”, the result will be like this.

Went with friends/relatives/gf/bf: ## (1%)
Nothing (Unanimous Winner) : ########################## (99%)

Anyways, what did I do today – apart from writing this post (which I am sure would have been a de ja vu experience for you)

1. Browse – Keep checking emails to see if have any alerts
( I dont trust my pager)

2. Send scraps, reply to all fwds which wish me Happy New year!
( My sincere and special wishes to all those guys who wrote the js for sending scraps to everyone. It makes me happy! I am sure it will make orkut PM also happy.. for increase in the
orkut traffic 🙂 )

Amidst step1 and step 2, I had a “mridangam marathon” today. I was practicing some of the old lessons which were taught me almost a year back :-). It was really very nice!

Hope you had a great day as well!!

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