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Why Coffee With People

22 January 2008 One Comment

I started “Coffee with People” series a couple of weeks back. Mahesh did the inauguration with Coffee with Mahesh! – A CAT Cracker. And last week, I posted Coffee With Aditya – A Googler and Blogger.

These two posts have become the most popular posts overtaking NIT Trichy Speaks Up, The Agonising Wait and Life Stops @ Bus Stop. I am very happy with the way you guys have enjoyed Coffee With People. I plan to bring more and more folks for this guest column.

But let me tell you a bit about Why Coffee With People.

First of all, it suits my blog theme and template. 🙂 After I started Coffee With Sundar, the next obvious step was to have Coffee With People. I always had interesting/random discussions with people. I thought having a proper forum to post this is the best thing to do. Thats how I started this.

If you notice, I am trying to get people with whom you can relate easily. I dont want to interview people like larry and sergey (not that they are waiting to give me interview :-)) If I interview famous people, the problem is that you will be
in awe. After reading it, your first reaction will be “I cant become larry and sergey!” You know, its difficult to emulate people who have extra-ordinary accomplishments. Thats why, I want to bring in people whom you can emulate.
Look at mahesh, a very simple and down to earth person. If he can crack cat, it can inspire one of you to crack cat. Same is the case with Aditya. If Aditya can run a fantastic blog, it can inspire one of you to do something similar.

I am just trying to give you an exposure (and get myself exposed to) what people are doing amidst their busy lives.

I would be very happy, if you picked up something from Coffee With People @ Coffee With Sundar. I will be extremely happy to host “you” one day for your accomplishment!


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