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Winding down CWS Interviews

23 May 2009 12 Comments

 Hello All..

I am sad to say this.. But you saw it coming.. Didnt you.. I have decided to wind down the CWS Interview series…

The frequency of posts have become very low.. I did not do a single interview for the past 4 months.. I have been just posting some of my older interviews.. I also see huge delays in sending thank you cards to the guests who have been kind enough to spare a lot of their time for an interview on CWS.. There is a huge time gap between completing an interview and posting it on the web.. And most importantly.. I am seeing a monotony in the type of interviews that I am doing.. It was this very same monotony that I wanted to avoid… when I started CWS..

I have stopped counting how many interviews I have done so far.. probably 70 odd interviews I think.. It was an awesome experience.. I am glad that CWS has become a cozy interview show in which people *actually* want to be featured.. (@ Balaji: I dont know if you still read my posts.. but if you do.. this is real :-)) I am glad that I got a chance to create a site which has a good viewership.. may be not a million visitors who come & go.. but a nice small group of 150 friends..  I dont want to distance from them by calling them visitors.. I honestly make friends.. This is a small community which respects & appreciates the experiences of cab driver to an astronaut.. There was this variety in CWS.. And I got a lot of  kick in this *Variety*… Now, it seems to be missing when I open the website..

No doubt that the career interviews & life at universities are very useful.. Infact it was this which prompted me to do a start up on Career planning.. But CWS was not meant to know just life at university.. It was meant to know the life of a PERSON.. It was about adding spice to life of monotony in the corporate world of cubicles.. I am missing that spice now..

What does that mean to this website? Is this going to be one of the gazillion zombie sites on the web?

No.. Its too close to my heart to let it die… CWS is something which helped me discovered myself.. and I would certainly not let it go into the drain..

I have decided to do the following..

1. Keep all the main stream – career related interviews for the start up – What Next.

2. I am going to write a lot of personal experiences on CWS website.. like the one of about my life at IIMB.. my birthday experience etc.. Hopefully pull off some master pieces (atleast thats what I think) like Life stops at bus stops & NIT Trichy speaks up..

3. Start a CWS Interview series – Season 2

Koffee With Karan & Koffee with Anu also has a Season 2.. Why not Coffee With Sundar 🙂 

I will assure that every interview will be special.. every post will be special.. I dont knw whether I will post once a week or once a month.. but when I post, I will ensure that I will add some value to your time..

So.. I have decided to focus on three themes of CWS-2..

1. CWS Wizdom: This will be a series of interviews (if & when it happens), which will cover the life experience of a person who has had a lot of experience in the corporate world.. I intend to interview people who have had 10+ years of experience.. Just to talk to them about what are the various experiences they have had.. interesting moments etc.. Its all about knowing the person…

2. CWS Start up: I want to talk to entrepreneurs who have run a business for atleast 5 years… speak to them about their life, their experiences, their business model.. the evolution.. the passion.. the good days.. the ugly days etc..

3. CWS Pot Pourie: This will get be a “talent show-case” interview.. Just enjoy a few small moments with someone who has different skills, passions etc..

There is always trade off in life.. Quality Vs Quantity.. Today, I have decided to choose Quality over Quantity.. Probably, a year back I would have chosen quantity over quality.. Those were the days when I was posting interviews every 2 or 3 days..

I dont knw when CWS-2 will start… how it will go.. whom we are going to meet.. what we are going to learn.. What we are going to experience… But I promise you one thing.. Every interview will be special.. And like always.. I promise you.. every INTERVIEWEE is going to be especial..

Today, I bow infront of you.. Thanks a lot for all your support & encouragement.. It was your praises.. and criticisms which helped me learn a lot & run the show CWS interview series..

I hope to come back again.. with CWS Season 2.. with more interviews.. more experiences.. more fun..

I am sure that I am going to come back soon and come back strongly.. I am very confident about that.. Coffee With Sundar has made me famous.. And I love being famous!! 🙂 My heart says that CWS – 2 will start very soon.. Lets see what IIMB schedule says..

Hasta Manana.. Till we meet again..




  • balaji said:

    hey i do read your posts, sad that your passion is dying so soon.
    the interviews were good, i enjoyed them (the best was of course the one with bandar).
    follow your heart, do what seems interesting at that point, instead of doing for the sake of starting it.

  • Shiva said:

    I loved each and every interview that I read in this space. While it is sad that you are winding it down, it is equally heartening that you plan to resume later.

  • Nikhil Balaji said:

    the interviews were very good daa… u took it a looong way! Keep the enthu going in your other activities… im sure lots of ppl are waiting for more!!

  • AB said:

    pls continue posting on wat you cooking dude !! everything abt CWS was simply sundar!!

  • Jennifer said:

    We all move through different stages of life. It’s good to know when to move on. You have not lost something, as you said, but gained a lot of wisdom! As you move through to the next phase, I am excited to see what you will create for sharing here!

  • Ferinannnd said:

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  • itsdemo said:

    Used to read all ur interviews.Very informative. Will certainly miss them ! 🙂

    Hope to see the next season renewed at the earliest..

  • Pavan Kumar H. said:

    I chanced upon your blog and found it very informative. The event blogs are striking enough to have a feel of the event, so, I would like to have a little chit-chat on your blogging interests. And even we are coming up with an event on startups on June 6th. So, can I have your contact details? Looking forward to hear from you.


  • Rajan said:

    Hi Sundar, Well done buddy and I can understand and empathise with you. Surely, I will be waiting for the second edition although I wasnt much active following your first edition. Nevertheless, from little I followed you did a good job. All the best and hope you have more ‘Life stops’ at ‘Bus, Metro’ stop moments!!! Cheers

  • Alagappan said:

    you can have some guest writers writing those interviews for you… i hope they too can make these interviews as interesting..

  • Karthik C said:

    Man ! will definitely miss it.. your interviews each and every one of them were awesome and interesting.. but understand and respect your decision.. Hope you start the next edition soon 🙂

  • Safety Slogans said:

    I have a test on the Cold War in a few days and I am unsure about this study question. I searched throughout my text book but I cannot find the answer. My teacher says this is likely to happen because in her words..”our textbook gets worse and worse by the page,” lol. Thanks for the help in advance!